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city solar panels

City Solar Power can help you find the best deals on solar systems right around Australia. If you live in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth or Darwin we can connect you with the best prices for grid connect solar power systems, all our recommended solar installers are Clean Energy Council accredited insuring your solar installation is carried out to the highest possible quality of Australian standards and regulations for your state.

In the majority of Australian cities the most popular type of solar power system being installed by homes and businesses is the Grid Connect Solar System.

The Grid Connect System as the name suggests is connected to the main power grid which is usually supplied energy via fossil fuel of some kind, mainly coal. During daylight hours when there is sufficient sunlight to power the solar panels electricity will be generated to supply your home or business, at night or on very cloudy or dark days the system will automatically switch over to draw power from the local grid. The switch over will not cause any disruption to supply and if not for the power bill you would never even notice it.

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